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    16:10pm 11th August 2017

    International Economic Events Calendar – Next 7 Days – FXStreet (11th Aug 2017)

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    Monday, August 14   
    00:50JapanGross Domestic Product Deflator (YoY) Preliminary -0.80%
    00:50JapanGross Domestic Product Annualized Preliminary2.50%1.00%
    00:50JapanGross Domestic Product (QoQ) Preliminary0.60%0.30%
    03:00ChinaRetail Sales (YoY)10.80%11.00%
    03:00ChinaIndustrial Production (YoY)7.20%7.60%
    03:00ChinaUrban investment (YTD) (YoY)8.60%8.60%
    n/aGermanyGerman Buba Monthly Report   
    11:00EUIndustrial Production w.d.a. (YoY) 4%
    11:00EUIndustrial Production s.a. (MoM) 1.30%
    16:30US3-Month Bill Auction 1.04%
    16:30US6-Month Bill Auction 1.14%
    Tuesday, August 15   
    00:01IrelandConsumer Confidence 105
    All DayFranceAssumption Day  
    All DaySpainAssumption Day  
    All DayItalyAssumption Day  
    05:30JapanIndustrial Production (YoY) 4.90%
    05:30JapanIndustrial Production (MoM) 1.60%
    05:30JapanCapacity Utilization -4.10%
    07:00GermanyGross Domestic Product w.d.a (YoY) Preliminary  
    07:00GermanyGross Domestic Product (QoQ) Preliminary0.60%0.60%
    07:00GermanyGross Domestic Product (YoY) Preliminary 1.70%
    08:15SwitzerlandProducer and Import Prices (YoY) -0.10%
    08:15SwitzerlandProducer and Import Prices (MoM) -0.10%
    09:30UKRetail Price Index (YoY) 3.50%
    09:30UKRetail Price Index (MoM) 0.20%
    09:30UKDCLG House Price Index (YoY) 4.70%
    09:30UKProducer Price Index – Output (YoY) n.s.a 3.30%
    09:30UKPPI Core Output (MoM) n.s.a 0.20%
    09:30UKProducer Price Index – Output (MoM) n.s.a 0%
    09:30UKProducer Price Index – Input (MoM) n.s.a -0.40%
    09:30UKProducer Price Index – Input (YoY) n.s.a 9.90%
    09:30UKPPI Core Output (YoY) n.s.a 2.90%
    09:30UKConsumer Price Index (MoM) 0%
    09:30UKConsumer Price Index (YoY) 2.60%
    09:30UKCore Consumer Price Index (YoY) 2.40%
    13:30USNY Empire State Manufacturing Index109.8
    13:30USRetail Sales ex Autos (MoM)0.40%-0.20%
    13:30USRetail Sales control group0.40%-0.10%
    13:30USRetail Sales (MoM)0.40%-0.20%
    13:30USImport Price Index (YoY) 1.50%
    13:30USExport Price Index (YoY) 0.60%
    13:30USImport Price Index (MoM)0.10%-0.20%
    13:30USExport Price Index (MoM)0.10%-0.20%
    13:55USRedbook index (MoM) -0.30%
    13:55USRedbook index (YoY) 2.70%
    15:00USBusiness Inventories0.40%0.30%
    15:00USNAHB Housing Market Index6564
    16:30US52-Week Bill auction 1.19%
    16:30US4-Week Bill Auction 0.99%
    21:00USTotal Net TIC Flows $57.3B
    21:00USNet Long-Term TIC Flows $91.9B
    21:30USAPI Weekly Crude Oil Stock -7.839M
    Wednesday, August 16  
    09:00ItalyGross Domestic Product (QoQ) Preliminary 0.40%
    09:00ItalyGross Domestic Product (YoY) Preliminary 1.20%
    09:30UKClaimant Count Change 6K
    09:30UKClaimant Count Rate 2.30%
    09:30UKAverage Earnings including Bonus (3Mo/Yr) 1.80%
    09:30UKILO Unemployment Rate (3M) 4.50%
    09:30UKAverage Earnings excluding Bonus (3Mo/Yr) 2%
    10:00EUGross Domestic Product s.a. (QoQ) Preliminary0.60%0.60%
    10:00EUGross Domestic Product s.a. (YoY) Preliminary 2.10%
    n/aSpain12-Month Letras Auction -0.37%
    n/aSpain6-Month Letras Auction -0.41%
    12:00USMBA Mortgage Applications 3%
    13:15CanadaHousing Starts s.a (YoY) 222.3K
    13:30USBuilding Permits Change 7.40%
    13:30USHousing Starts Change 8.30%
    13:30USHousing Starts (MoM)1.222M1.215M
    13:30USBuilding Permits (MoM)1.246M1.254M
    13:30CanadaForeign portfolio investment in Canadian securities $29.46B
    13:30CanadaCanadian portfolio investment in foreign securities $4.37B
    15:30USEIA Crude Oil Stocks change -6.451M
    19:00USFOMC Minutes   
    Thursday, August 17   
    00:50JapanAdjusted Merchandise Trade Balance ¥81.4B
    00:50JapanImports (YoY)17.00%15.50%
    00:50JapanMerchandise Trade Balance Total¥392.0B¥439.9B
    00:50JapanExports (YoY)13.60%9.70%
    00:50JapanForeign investment in Japan stocks  
    00:50JapanForeign bond investment ¥1,624.2B
    06:30FranceILO Unemployment 9.60%
    07:00GermanyWholesale Price Index (YoY) 2.50%
    07:00GermanyWholesale Price Index (MoM) 0%
    09:30UKRetail Sales (MoM) 0.60%
    09:30UKRetail Sales (YoY) 2.90%
    09:30UKRetail Sales ex-Fuel (MoM) 0.90%
    09:30UKRetail Sales ex-Fuel (YoY) 3%
    10:00EUConsumer Price Index (YoY) 1.30%
    10:00EUConsumer Price Index (MoM) 0%
    10:00EUConsumer Price Index – Core (MoM) 0.20%
    10:00EUConsumer Price Index – Core (YoY) 1.20%
    11:00EUTrade Balance n.s.a. €21.4B
    11:00EUTrade Balance s.a. €19.7B
    12:30EUECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts   
    13:30USContinuing Jobless Claims 1.951M
    13:30USInitial Jobless Claims 244K
    13:30CanadaManufacturing Shipments (MoM) 1.10%
    13:30USPhiladelphia Fed Manufacturing Survey1819.5
    14:15USCapacity Utilization76.70%76.60%
    14:15USIndustrial Production (MoM)0.30%0.40%
    15:30USEIA Natural Gas Storage change 28B
    Friday, August 18   
    02:30ChinaHouse Price Index 10.20%
    07:00GermanyProducer Price Index (MoM) 0%
    07:00GermanyProducer Price Index (YoY) 2.40%
    n/aEUCurrent Account s.a €30.1B
    09:00EUCurrent Account n.s.a €18.3B
    10:00EUConstruction Output w.d.a (YoY) 2.60%
    10:00EUConstruction Output s.a (MoM) -0.70%
    13:30CanadaConsumer Price Index (MoM) -0.10%
    13:30CanadaConsumer Price Index (YoY) 1%
    13:30CanadaConsumer Price Index – Core (MoM) 0.20%
    13:30CanadaBank of Canada Consumer Price Index Core (MoM) 0.10%
    13:30CanadaBank of Canada Consumer Price Index Core (YoY) 0.90%
    n/aUSLabor Market Conditions Index 1.5
    15:00USMichigan Consumer Sentiment Index Preliminary93.993.4
    18:00USBaker Hughes US Oil Rig Count  
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