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    16:18pm 14th November 2017

    Oxford Metrics Subsidiary Vicon Launches Wearable Tech IMU Step

    LONDON (Alliance News) – Oxford Metrics PLC said Tuesday its subsidiary Vicon has launched IMU Step, a new piece of motion-sensing wearable technology.

    Oxford Metrics, which develops and markets analytics software, said IMeasureU, a division of its motion measurement subsidiary Vicon, has launched IMU Step, a piece of motion-sensing wearable technology designed to track the movements of professional and amateur athletes.

    Consisting of two small, lightweight sensors that produce highly accurate movement data, IMU Step gives coaches and athletes the ability to precisely measure the movements and stress put on athletes’ bodies, Oxford Metrics said.

    Oxford Metrics said IMU Step is particularly useful in running-based sports like basketball, where over 40% of injuries are sustained on the foot and ankle. The company said the constant metrics from the product alert trainers and coaches to potential problems before they happen, which can ensure athletes are at optimal strength before returning to competition and enables strategic planning that personalises the rehabilitation process, preventing future injuries.

    “When we announced our new five-year plan, our strategy for Vicon was to enhance our product strength and fortify our market leading position. The launch of IMU Step does exactly that – it takes motion measurement outside the lab into the real world, opening up a greater range of measurement applications and providing access to a broader marketplace. The product is also sold on subscription and will increase the quality and recurring nature of Vicon revenue, a key financial goal for our business,” Chief Executive Officer Nick Bolton said.

    Shares in Oxford Metrics were down 0.7% at 63.08 pence Monday.

    By Gem Sofianos; gemsofianos@alliancenews.com

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